Our Temple President

Bob Fischman


Dear Members, Prospective Members, and Visitors,

Welcome to the New Temple Beth El.

How can a temple that’s been an integral part of the community for 95 years be the “New Temple Beth El?” Let me count the ways.

*The website you are perusing was just built, part of our initial presence in the world of social media. See us on Facebook as well.

*Rabbi Claudio Kupchik joined us September 1, 2017.

*Seaview Caterers, our terrific in-house caterer, recently renovated the spectacular ballroom and cocktail area.

*A new slate of officers, including me, “the new president,” was elected in June, 2017, to serve the congregation.

*Our Men’s Club, under new leadership, and Sisterhood continuously introduce exciting programs.

*The temple’s original, 95 year-old, by-laws will be replaced by a new set by spring.

We’ve accomplished all this in the past few months while retaining our long time members, magnificent sanctuary, cantor, ritual director, executive director and the many traditions that comprise the heart of Temple Beth El. It’s been like changing the airplane’s engine while in mid-flight.

With new lay leadership and rabbi, we’ve established an organizational direction built on the foundation necessary for a thriving, sustainable, and great congregation. It is comprised of 3 fundamental components, each of equal importance and interdependent on the others:

  1. Maintaining an interesting and inspiring Jewish experience. Rabbi Kupchik continues to introduce new ideas and events to meet that objective.
  2. Creating a positive, active social environment by delivering programs and events that people want to attend, with each other. The opportunity to socialize, enjoy oneself, and feel Beth El is, if not the place to be but at least “a place to be” is a critical component.
  3. Sustaining our financial health through the generosity of our members and business initiatives that keep our budget balanced.

We look forward to seeing you at services, social events, and temple excursions. See the calendar for the complete schedule.


Bob Fischman

President, Temple Beth El